Best Pipe Brands 2022

Best Pipe Brands 2022

Pipes are convenient, odorless, transportable, and portable smoking instruments. Wood and glass were the only available pipe materials at first. There is a multitude of pipe-making materials available today. Moreover, pipe producers continually explore new designs and technologies to improve the smoking experience. We will now explore a few popular pipe brands.

The Freeze Pipe

From unmatched percolation to unmatched texture and temperature. The spotlight will be on the Freeze Pipe. The top pipe must be aesthetically pleasing, boast performance, and be loaded with functions. The Freeze Pipe excels in all aspects and enjoys a stellar reputation.

Freeze Pipe manufactures some of the most exquisite glass accessories and pipes. Their specialty is cooling the smoke using a variety of glycerin coil and chamber configurations. In addition to transporting the heat from the smoke through subzero conditions, their percolators are excellent.

The Freeze Pipe has a removable honeycomb bowl that facilitates packing, ash-dumping, and emptying. You will never again have to drain your pipe by inverting it. This component is one of the reasons the smoke is so smooth, making maintenance and cleaning significantly more manageable.

Path Pipe

Pipes must be sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and create nice smoke. The Path Pipe is made of aviation aluminum, has a lovely appearance, and filters smoke, which exits fresh and pure.

The herb chamber may resemble a road that curves from left to right to left again. To reach the mouthpiece is analogous to climbing a mountain. It may be viewed as the epitome of flavorful smoke.

This design ensures that your herbs burns evenly, and the resulting smoke is cooler and cleaner, as any abrasive components remain in the “route.” It is no surprise that this pipe is the finest available.


The most noteworthy characteristic of this item made in Denmark is its exquisite, minimalist form inspired by the scales of the Mako Shark. This pipe, made from anodized, recyclable aluminum with a titanium-coated stainless steel filter and rare earth magnets, offers all you need regarding durability, smoke quality, and cleanliness.

Its structure forms an inner vortex that cools down your smoke and traps all pollutants, providing a super-smooth and tasty dose every time that is harmless to the lungs. The primary difference between this pipe and others is its two-piece magnetic design. Never before has maintained a clean pipe been easier than with the HØJ KØL Pipe.

Elegant, functional, user-friendly, and easy to maintain. Take it by its top and bottom and separate its parts. Utilize hot water, alcohol, and tissue paper to clean the pipe. After each cleaning, it will appear pristine.

Session Goods Pipe

Session Goods creates attractive smoking accessories that have received several awards and are intended to promote relaxation. This stylish, portable mini-pipe is prepared for any adventure.

This portable pipe is designed to retain a whole bowl and prevent ash from falling out, making it excellent for travel: black-tinted tapered glass with a thickness of 2.5 mm and a tint of black. However, the silicone sleeve supplied in the package is available in seven distinct colors. The sleeve and the pipe are also intended to work as a keychain, which you carry everywhere.

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