Top smoke shop conventions of 2023

Top Smoke Shop Conventions of 2023

The cannabis sector is getting ready for a record-breaking year in 2023. As more jurisdictions permit burgeoning markets, cannabis events provide ample opportunity for businesses. By attending the right trade show, you may meet prospective customers and business partners interested in knowing more about your firm. It would be best if you had a rental booth to start displaying.

You may choose to go to one or more of these cannabis trade exhibits depending on the requirements of your business. Examine the range of these trade show events if you work in the same or a similar industry. While this list should be enough for a pilot study, we advise your marketing team to investigate more. Plan your participation in the event as soon as possible by working with a seasoned business that creates trade show booths and can help you optimize the return on your marketing investments with cutting-edge trade show booth designs for cannabis events.

  1. MJBizCon – National Marijuana Business Conference & Expo.

    When: November 28– December 1, 2023

    A location in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Convention Center.

    About the Trade Show

    The event is a must-attend for all companies from the relevant industry verticals and will run from November 15–18, 2022, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with a massive audience of more than 2 lakh attendees and 500+ exhibitors.

    A broad range of consumers, including buyers, merchants, business experts, and end users, are drawn to this fair trade event that focuses on the future of the cannabis sector. The event allows the participants to present their brand offers, such as ground-breaking items and cutting-edge technology, to their intended prospects and immediately gain substantial advantages.

  2. NoCo Hemp Expo

    The dates of March 29–31, 2023

    Where: Colorado Springs

    About the Trade Show: NoCo will be held in Colorado Springs from March 29–31, 2023. NoCo Hemp Expo brings together industry leaders and professionals with more than 6000 attendees and 200+ exhibitors throughout the growing hemp supply chain, from farmers and growers to retail and wholesale consumers, processors and equipment manufacturers, and technology and innovation organizations.

    You may hear from some of the industry specialists at the NoCo Hemp Expo to learn about the many approaches to the business. It is the ideal setting for you to discuss your strategy with other business experts.

  3. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA CBD Expo

    Dates: March 3–5, 2023

    Where: Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center

    About the Trade Show

    Fort Lauderdale will host the biggest CBD event in the nation! The USA CBD Expo effectively unites the whole CBD and hemp industries into a single, all-encompassing event. More than 300 merchants and 500 of the best brands on the market! Learn from 50+ experienced speakers on every aspect of CBD and hemp. Utilize unique networking chances and provide exclusive pricing for business owners. Get the best prices on the market’s most well-known CBD brand names.
    The expo, expected to draw 10,000 visitors and include more than 400 exhibitors, will run from March 3 to March 5, 2023, at the Greater Ft. Lauderdale Broward Convention Center.

    To enhance your experience at the trade show, the right trade show display design must be chosen. Furthermore, this will be among the top hemp trade exhibitions of 2023. Discuss your offerings at a cannabis conference while analyzing your target audience.

  4. Detroit’s CannaCon

    Date: October 6–7, 2023

    Location: Huntington Place, 1 Washington Boulevard, Detroit, MI

    About the Trade Show

    One of the most significant and well-known business conferences in the Midwest and Eastern United States is CannaCon. Currently, the event is happening in Chicago, Detroit, Oklahoma City, and New York. Due to the bigger market in that part of the country, the Midwest CannaCon event primarily targets farmers. Businesses that wish to network and interact with others in the cannabis sector often attend CannaCon events.

    This trade fair has good prospects for the companies associated with the cannabis business, drawing a sizable crowd of over 20,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors. It will take place in Detroit, Michigan, USA, at 1 Washington Boulevard.
    You may leave a lasting impression on your target audience at CannaCon Detroit with the help of Exponents’ modular and bespoke booths, which they developed and manufactured. With 500 exhibitors, the competition will be intense. Therefore, it is essential that you closely collaborate on the goals to develop your company for greater returns on investment.

  5. NECANN 2023

    Dates of March 10–12, 2023 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

    About the Trade Show

    NECANN exhibits cutting-edge ideas and superior products from a variety of industries. Exhibitors guarantee all attendees leave NECANN with greater insight and motivation to advance in their local cannabis industry. The most significant people in the local cannabis scene are all together under one roof for this event, which features a wide variety of guest speakers.

    Here you will learn about the changes the industry and its target market have gone through. Your understanding of cannabis occurrences will improve, thanks to the discussion.

  6. Cannabis Conference

    When: August 15–17, 2023

    What location: Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

    About The Trade Show: As the only industry conference entirely devoted to cannabis enterprises that work with plants, Cannabis Conference is famous for offering the most critical education for dispensary and cultivation experts globally. On a top-notch trade show floor, you may network with the brightest brains and look at the most recent products, services, and solutions. Suppose you are interested in breaking into the legal cannabis industry or are a seasoned businessperson trying to grow your enterprise. In that case, this is the one conference you must attend.

    Many well-known figures in the business are anticipating this cannabis event since the industry professionals will offer their thoughts about the emerging trends in the sector. The world’s most influential people will be united under one roof to impart their wisdom to everyone.

  7. USA CBD Expo

    When: March 3–5, 2023

    Where: Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center

    The USA CBD Expo is a trade show held in Fort Lauderdale from March 3–5, 2023. USA CBD Expo is an annual trade show hosted in several US states with an expected attendance of more than 5000 attendees and 1000 exhibitors.